Launch Pad Job Club Announcement FrogMembership into the Launch Pad Job Club is simple. Just show up on Friday, at the Capital City Event Center
6700 Middle Fiskville Road, #403, Austin, TX 78752 and attend a 9:30am New Members meeting.  That is all that is required. There are NO membership dues.

By doing this you get access to all the following:

  1. All the job listings that are sent out currently via our LPJC and Alumni LinkedIn group.
  2. Networking events, volunteer opportunities, and other announcements sent out currently via our LPJC Yahoo Discussion group.
  3. Recordings of the speakers at the LPJC Friday meetings.
  4. Video recordings of some speakers.
  5. Special job search assistance:
    1. Resume tweaking
    2. Mock interview practice
    3. Creating your social media brand
    4. Career-specific support groups
    5. Pro bono experience opportunities
  6. Contact information for the LPJC Clublets
  7. Stuff to Do to
  8. And of course making new friends and great fellowship with all the LPJC members.

Once you attend a New Members meeting, you will be sent an invite to our Yahoo group and our LinkedIn group. This will be two separate emails. Be sure and accept both of these invites.

If for some reason after three or four weeks and you are still have not received the invitations, send a message informing us that you haven’t gotten them. Sometimes there are glitches in the system and invitations don’t get sent out correctly. We’ll rectify the situation as soon as possible.

The Launch Pad Job Club Leadership Team