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At Launch Pad Job Club, we depend heavily on volunteers to be able to run our regular Friday morning meetings. In addition to the individual roles described above, the following team roles are critical to the success of our regular meetings. Volunteers come and go on a regular basis, so contact Dennis Snead (volunteer coordinator) if you’d like to help.  Please fill out the contact form below.

Registration desk

The volunteers who run the front desk provide the smiling faces that members and guests first meet upon arrival at a meeting. They assist with the tasks of registering for Launch Pad membership and signing the daily attendance sheet. In addition, this team manages reservations for such additional services as conferences with developers from indeed.com and free “headshots” for use on LinkedIn profiles. They also prepare the handouts for new members and manage all the display items available to meeting attendees, such as recruiter business cards, informational leaflets, and job fair information. This wide variety of information is displayed before every meeting and then packed up again at the end of the meeting to be displayed again the following week.

Kitchen staff

Anyone who has ever attended a Launch Pad meeting probably remembers the variety of refreshments available at no cost to attendees, which typically includes bananas, cookies, coffee, and a variety of teas along with seasonal decorations and holiday items. Led by our long-time kitchen diva, Sheryl Cheatham, our crew of kitchen volunteers sets up the refreshments before each meeting, keeps the kitchen clean and organized during the meeting, and then packs everything up, leaving the kitchen spotless at the conclusion of each meeting.

Audio/Visual/Computer Equipment

It takes a combination of multiple computers, video gear, and audio equipment to successfully deliver each Launch Pad program. If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of the road crew for a rock band (minus the travel), this opportunity might be for you. All equipment must be unpacked and made operational before each meeting, monitored during the meeting, and then torn down and packed away at the end of each meeting


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