Volunteer Opportunities

Any nonprofit organization exists and survives through the generous support of its volunteers.

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate every minute you can give to us.

Below are some current volunteer needs. If you are interested in helping out with any of these, please contact Dennis Snead, our Volunteer Coordinator, at the weekly meeting or email him. His email address is in the New Members Handbook.

1. Calendar Maintainer – Contact Andrew at webmaster(at)launchpadjobclub(dot)org

2. Job Postings Coordinator (Its a BIG job these days and we already have several members helping out..but we need more). Contact Kathy.

3. Kathy’s Assistant – pull job postings from her multiple accounts and post them to the group.

4. Publicity – we need PR folks to spread the good news about Launch Pad and its fabulous, talented members.

6. Fundraising – why do organizations always need money?  Dunno, but it’s true. If you like helping with events and counting cash, let us know.

7. Content Maintainer – we have changed our website to something a little easier to keep up to date, but we need someone to organize our activities into content that is easily found and current. Takes someone with good writing skills and and keen eye for detail.

Wish List

LPJC is a federally recognized 501(c)(3), therefore, the estimated value of donations is tax-deductible. .

Below is a list of some items that our growing non-profit needs.

1. Video Camera – for taping the mock interviews and meetings with special guests.

2. Folding/Stacking Chairs – we need chairs that can either be folded or stacked for storage purposes.

3. Lavalier microphone for our speakers.

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