Launch Pad could not function without the time, energy, and expertise provided by our corps of volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities to make sure the meetings function without a hitch. Some work the reception table, assembling handbook packets, getting new members signed in, providing information, and generally making sure everybody feels welcome.

Refreshments are prepared and presented by our kitchen volunteers, under the superb leadership of Sheryl Cheatham (pictured below along with Val Richardson, Chief Assistant to the Diva).  The kitchen volunteers not only provide food and drink, they also decorate our meeting space for holidays and create a fun, upbeat atmosphere for the meetings.

The Audio-Video volunteers set up and operate the A-V equipment, making sure PowerPoint presentations are displayed, pulling up websites, manipulating the mics,  making audio and visual recordings of speaker presentations, and transferring those recordings to the Media area of the LPJC website.