Updating Your Yahoo Group Profile

Updating, Changing or Removing Yourself from Yahoo Groups

We get so many request dealing with Yahoo Groups and specifically the two groups LPJC has, we have set up this page to hopefully help you.

  1. Log into Yahoo Groups with the email address that you have been getting LPJC emails in.
  2. Once logged in you should go to a page with all the Yahoo Groups you are a member of.
  3. Click on the launchpadjobclub group or the launchpadjobclub-jobs
  4. Click on the Members link on the left hand side.
  5. Use the Search to find your Member Profile.
  6. Once you have found your Member Profile, just to the right below your email address there is a drop down menu to change the frequency of the emails you receive.

We don’t recommend that you delete yourself from the group because you  never know when you may need the services of LPJC again. Just change the email frequency to “none”.

If you still feel you need to leave the group, then click “Edit Membership” just below your user name and in the bottom right hand corner is a button that says “Leave Group”. That is where you can remove yourself from any Yahoo Group.

If you still are having problems, let the website manager know and they  will assist you in this. But please try the above steps first.


The Launch Pad Job Club Leadership Team